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Zoltán Németh

Fitness and performance

Fitness plays a key role in the lives of everyday people, amateur and professional athlete alike, as it is the basis of physical and mental capacity, and therefore of performance. We already know that the development of conditional skills requires a complex approach, taking into account numerous points of view.

My commitment to this approach resulted in the creation of Performance and Mobility.

  • redefining fitness
  • physical and mental performance
  • correct movement and posture
  • up-to-date and efficient training methods

About me

I am strenght and conditioning coach Zoltán Németh. Complementing my job I have taken up mobilisation and myofascial therapy as similarly to several professional trainers around the world, I have realised during my work that the proper mobilisation of joints and muscles is crucial to outstanding sport performance, and therefore has a great impact on performance increase. I train several professional sports teams as fitness, pre- and rehabilitation coach. Sport and health defines my whole life.

I was a professional athlete for 10 years. I started training in 2006, and 5 years later I have received first bodybuilding-fitness trainer then personal trainer and NASM fitness traniner certificates. In the field of rehabilitation I specialise on myofascial therapy. My goal is to provide my clients with personally tailored specific service. The motto of my work and trainer's creed is increasing performance while protecting health.

It can be about lugging that 10 kg shopping basket up to the 5th floor or about performing better and better every week as a hobby or amateur sportsman. It may even be about breaking your personal or an international record as a professional or about being better in the endgame than your opponent. All this depends on how the many details and conditions having an impact on your performance fit together into a whole. I am committed to building the complex preparation plan that is based on your specifically tailored needs and goals, and which will guide you to the desired results.
I'm not saying this will be easy. I promise though that during the jointly planned journey you will be reshaped not only physically, but mentally into a different person. You will become someone full of experiences, knowledge, willpower and self-confidence.
All objectives can be reached through persistent work together!
Never forget: fitness is more like a marathon than a sprint. Fitness is a lifestyle. That is the lesson of Performance and Mobility.


Personal training

My goal was to develop a system that enables you train and perfect yourself in the performance- and health-centred approach of Performance and Mobility. The final goal and point of our work together is a fuller life and a self-image you have always wanted.

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Strenght and conditioning

Faster pace, harder collisions, more complex, multidimensional movements, stronger starts, more agile changes of direction, more stress on joints and muscles. Close matches, contests and bouts decided in the last minute. Lossess that hurt, victories that make you cry.

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Corrective training/mobility

In the accelerated world of today more and more people spend more and more time in cars, and beside many spend most of the day sitting in offices. In the case of jobs involving physical activities though - e.g. professional sportspeople – incorrect movement patterns accumulated throughout the years show here and there that something is not right.

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NASM-PES      Fascia Release      IASTM


Photos and presentation videos from the world of Performance and Mobility


A unique, new type of training

Zoli helped me recover after my knee surgery. The work together was fun, dynamic, earnest and disciplined. His method represents the approach of a modern, developing world of sports.

Petra Kiss client

Outstanding job!

Our team strength and conditioning coach, Zoltan Nemeth has done an outstanding job in ensuring that our bodies are able to perform at a high level every day.

Ryan Wright Professional Basketball Player

Speedy recovery!

Zoltan Nemeth has helped me fully recover from a potentially serious back injury in just one week of working with him. He put me through numerous and effective stretches, movements, and stability exercises to help me to a speedy recovery back on the court.

Jermaine Thomas Professional Basketball Player